Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre
Invincible 2012

Robbie Jimenez Live in Concert

With Special Guests Massive Delicious

Vacaville’s own rock and funk phenom, Robbie Jimenez returns home from Philadelphia!
Last summer Robbie’s debut album INVINCIBLE sold out in 45 minutes even before he took
the stage at his VPAT debut concert! Don’t miss Robbie’s return hometown concert featuring
fan favorites “ Invincible”, Livin a Lie, and “Philadelphia”! Robbie’s music is funky and full of
that fat rock-orchestra sound! Invincible 2012 is produced by Young Artists Conservatory of
Music and welcomes LA managing director, Elijah Young.

Robbie and his band will debut two new songs August 11th, “Struggle and
Brand New Day” ! Performing with Robbie are Vacaville talents, Jason
Marcus on drums, Gabriella Cook on Keyboard, Joel Chandler on Bass,
Robbie Gardunio on Guitar, Amanda Decker on Violin, and Natalie Angst on
Cello. Fans hail Robbie Jimenez as “The best original talent from the area since Papa
Roach”. With stage exploding charisma, Robbie’s performance is magnetic, igniting and
thrilling audiences!

Saturday, August 11, 2012    

7:30 pm      

Tickets: $25.00